Ashley Chen

Hi! This is my webpage for Computer
Science 1. As my first year of computer
science, we are learning the language C#.
Here are the projects I have created.

Goodbye Program
Date: 9/10/19

This program translates goodbye
into different languages.

About Page
Date: 9/16/19

This project shows my business with
a logo, slogan, and contact info.

Mailing Label
Date: 9/18/19

This program creates a mailing
label using your name and address.

Car Rental
Date: 9/21/19

This program calculates how
much it would cost to rent a car
and can create a mailing label.

Car Rental Upgrade
Date: 9/23/19

This program is an upgraded version
of Car Rental which lets you
customize your car of your choosing.

BMI Calculator
Date: 9/30/19

This program calculates your BMI,
weight in kilograms, and height in meters.

Test Score Calculator
Date: 10/10/19

This program calculates your test
score, the average, and the higher score.

Dice Roll
Date: 10/15/19

This program rolls two dice, shows the sums
rolled, and calculates the probability of each roll.

Date: 10/22/19

This program lets you play Craps!

T-Shirt Program
Date: 10/31/19

This program lets your order shirts
with different sizes and extras.

Slot Machine
Date: 11/8/19

This program lets you play slot machine!

Rock Paper Scissors
Date: 11/15/19

This program lets you
play rock paper scissors
with another player!

Fish Program
Date: 11/22/19

This program lets you move a jellyfish
manually or automatically while counting how
many times it moves and bumps to the sides.

Fish 2D Program
Date: 12/10/19

This program allows you to move the
jellfish and seabear manually or
automatically up, down, right, or left.

Football Program
Date: 1/7/20

This program shares info on the
different bowls each of the two teams
has played in and the results.

Date: 1/13/20

This program lets you and
another player compete at a game of

N! Program
Date: 1/16/20

This program calculates the squence,
factorials, odds, evens, and fibonacci
of the number you input.

Basic AI Game
Date: 1/21/20

This game lets you move a cookie that
is trying to escape Pusheen.
Press the space bar to lower Pusheen's health!

Date: 1/30/20

This program shows multiple stars
that leave and randomly reappear.

Fish Aquarium
Date: 2/11/20

This program shows Neal the Seal
eating the Swedish fish while heart bubbles
appear in the background.

Date: 3/13/20

This program creates a generated
array of numbers and calculates what
grade each number is.

Date: 3/26/20

In this game, you avoid bombs being
dropped while shooting arrows.

Date: 5/28/20

In my game, Bitten, you and a friend have
to avoid pushing down the sore teeth.